The union public service commission conducts exams in three phases. The first one is prelims, the second is mains and the third one is the personality round. The preliminary exams which is the qualifying one are taken by around 5 lakhs of candidates. Prelims consist of two papers, GS paper I and GS paper II. After qualifying in the prelims round, the candidate is eligible for the mains. A flexible and well-defined strategy is a key to success in the IAS exam.  

The entire UPSC is a strenuous process. Many people take it but only a few are able to crack it. Besides working hard, candidates have planned for all the eventualities and work hard towards tackling those challenges. Candidates must start preparing for the personality round without waiting for the result of the main exam. Best IAS coaching in Chennai focuses on improving the performance of the candidates. They focus on the preparation part and most importantly enjoy it. Let us look at the aspects to rank high in the IAS exam. 

Strategic Revision:

The days before exams must be dedicated to rereading and revising the notes. The main objective is to find out the strengths and work on the weakness. Clearly demarcate between the syllabus that requires further reading and the one that needs revision. Thus strategic revision works better than reading notes. Organize study materials to different time slots so as to break the monotony.   

Pre-Exam Mindset:

The frame of mindset can have an effect on the outcome. Each and every action, the situation has an impact on the mood. Try to avoid things that might have a negative impact. Group revisions give confidence to some students and increase their chances in the exam. Pick up a study pattern that best suits your situation.   

Strategy During An Exam:

Try to answer the easier questions first which helps to build confidence for the next part of the exam. If you are going to answer the difficult questions, then it is the calculated risk that we are taking. Carefully re-reading each question brings out insights and helps in answering the questions correctly.    

IAS coaching in Chennai uses a well-designed strategy as a key factor for achieving success. Devising a strategy and sticking to it will definitely work for the candidates. With the help of motivation and confidence, one can face the challenges that lie ahead.