IAS Current Affairs

IAS interview is an exam that changes your life and takes you to the next level. Cracking the last round of interviews is the important stage and being the toughest of all the rounds. The final rank list is usually obtained by summing up the mains mark and the interview marks. UPSC is a friendly exercise. Being truthful to yourself and answering confidently brings the chances of selection towards the IAS Interview. Often the candidate who scores high in the interview tops the final selection list. UPSC previous years question papers are a great way to crack the prelims and mains examination. Let us look at the tips for success in the interview.

Start early:

Time is the most important asset in the preparation for the IAS exam. It is important not to lose it. One has to start early for the preparation. Candidates need not wait for the announcement of the results of the UPSC civil services main exam. Start to polish your personality as early as possible. 

Know yourself:

The crucial part is that we must know ourselves completely. We are knowledgeable on so many aspects but not on our own aspects. Thus try to know the different aspects of your personality whether hidden or known. If any of your aspects don’t fit into the IAS officer, try to overcome that weakness. One must be aware of the last 5-10 years of IAS current affairs to clear the mains and the personality test. 

Read the bio-data several times:

Most of the questions will be based on the bio-data of that particular candidate. Copies of it will be shared with all the board members. Do not fumble on any of the personal questions being asked. Prepare well in the areas like hobbies, education, work experience, service preference, etc. 

Develop a positive attitude:

There might be many rumors about the IAS interviews. One might even have had a bad experience in the past. Do not let all these thoughts ruin your chances of getting selected. Do not worry about the position, interview board, and questions. Always hope for the best. Today’s current affairs UPSC is needed for every candidate which helps them to stay updated. 

Improve the communication skills:

One has to improve the command of your language for the UPSC interview. Listening to the debates and the news on the channels is one of the practical ways to improve your communication. 

As asserted by toppers, the UPSC interview is a friendly exercise. Confidence brings success in any case. Apply all these tips and crack the exam with confidence.