Great Wall of China Facts

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–   The Great Wall China is the longest man made architecture in the world. It stretches for about 5,500.3 miles (8,851.8 kilometers)

–   While many people think that the Great Wall of China is one continuous wall, it’s actually a discontinuous segment of walls built by various dynasties over past 2000 years.

–    Though the Great Wall was built to protect the Chinese Kingdom from foreign invasions, Genghis Khan, the Mongol Emperor managed to invade China. The Mongols ruled China until they were invaded by Ming dynasty in 1368.

–    The Great Wall of China can be seen from moon is a myth. The myth started back in 1893, when the American magazine, The Century claimed that the Great wall can be seen from the moon. This myth started spreading again when it was featured in Ripley’s Believe it or not in 1932.

–    The Great Wall is 25 feet high in few places and ranges between 15 to 30 foot wide

–    Chinese who invented the wheelbarrow, widely used it during the construction of Great Wall

–    The earliest Great wall was built in 260-210 B.C during Qin dynasty. The word ‘China’ is derived from Qin (pronounced “Chin”).

–    It is claimed that more than 1 million people lost their lives while constructing the Great Wall. No wonder people at that time called it a largest cemetery.

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