The fabric of linen is made by the plant of flax from the fiber. It has got a scientific name as Linum usitatissimum. Naturally, the product of linen has been treasured for its extraordinary coolness in hot, freshness, and humid weather. The word “linen” is generally associated with the word of Latin of the flax plant which is called Linum. In the past, the people used linens which gives them very lightweight outfits of undergarments like in the chemises, separable shirt dollars, waist shirts, cuffs, and lingerie. The product of the hotel linen manufacturers in India gives the separate freshness while using these kinds of an extraordinary feel for the users.

The product of linen is very popular in Egypt and these are used for multi-purpose. In Egypt, mummies have been used these kinds of linens to wrapped in the shrouds dating as back as far as 4500BC. The mummies have draped the linen as the fabric conditions are a representation of light, wealth, and transparency. Has in ancient Egyptians are regarded as the linen is by a gift of god and they considered as divine. The linen is symbolized as purity and cleanliness. There are many products are used which are made by linens are bedsheets, linen tablecloth, chain cover, apron, napkins, towels, wallet, runners, and also the men’s and women’s wear.

Linen has the capability of excellent fabrics that protect the skin against the UV rays and also by the allergies from the sun. It adds us to trendiness and charm for our attires. The linen has the property of anti-bacterial. The linen has the property of thermos regulating. These could be worn in any kind of weather that is humid, hot, and also in the climate. The clothing of the linen has high strength. It is more wetting and it becomes 20% stronger. The linen can be easily tailored without any kind of trouble. Linen product is lint-free, non-static, and non-allergic. Linen product is completely the natural made for the users. It helps to resist the bacteria and fungus. Linen clothing could be finished, designed and printed easily. These are the benefits that could be played in the linen for the health and even for many other things could be used to have a great look in and on around us.

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