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Calcium is an essential nutrient for the overall well-being of a person. Calcium is used by our body from bones to the central nervous system. Almost every part and every cell in our body uses calcium. Calcium is good for the bones which give strength to the body. The nutrient depletes with the aging process. It can also lead to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Thus it is very important to supplement our body with a daily dose of calcium. Try the calcium-enriched foods in our diet. Milk company in Chennai assists in buying A2 milk for better digestion and for getting efficient calcium supplements.   

Milk is the essential component found in every household. Think about whether conventional milk has enough calcium supply to strengthen our bones. Let us look deeper into the proteins found in milk.

Aspects of Conventional milk:

Milk consists of many nutrients that help the body fight against diseases. Milk that comes regularly contains two types of proteins. One type is casein and the other type of protein is whey. The important fact is that casein contributes to about 80 percent of milk proteins. Casein has two variants mainly A1 and A2 which are known to make difference in their nutritional benefits. A1 type produces BCM-7 peptides when taken and is absorbed by the small intestine in our body. These peptides often cause stomach upset and inflammations. It also has a low level of calcium in it. For patients who are advised to take calcium daily, this conventional milk doesn’t help them. It may not fulfill the daily dose of their requirement. Thus leading the patients to suffer from calcium deficiency and other related diseases. People also prefer organic milk in Chennai that is fresh milk free from antibiotics and hormones.

A2 milk serves a good dose of calcium:

The A2 milk protein has a variety of nutritional benefits compared to A1 milk. For people who need to improve calcium intake, this A2 milk meets the nutritional benefit. This A2 milk has a genetic structure that is similar to that of breast milk. This enables our gut to digest and break down these A2 proteins easily. A study shows that A2 milk constitutes a higher level of calcium than conventional milk that contains both A1 and A2 proteins. A cup of A2 milk contains 400 mg of calcium whereas conventional milk contains 300 mg of calcium. 

Milk suppliers in Chennai follow all safety protocols to deliver milk to their clients. With the help of this A2 milk, one can keep his or her bone-related issues at bay.