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What is java?

Java is a well-known object-oriented programming language and software platform deployed on billions of devices, including phones, game consoles, laptop computers, medical equipment, and many more. Java is based on the C and C++ languages regarding rules and syntax. Join the JAVA Training in Chennai to learn more about the java programming language at FITA Academy.

What are the applications of java?

There are several applications of java in this technology-driven world. Some unique java applications are mobile, desktop GUI  and web-based, enterprise, scientific, gaming, business, and cloud-based applications. Let us see some of the java applications in brief.

1)Mobile Applications

Java is considered the best application for developing mobile apps. It is popularly used in developing Android applications such as Android studio. Like java uses Java Virtual Machine, Android likely uses DVK Dalvik Virtual Machine to run the class files. By using OOPs concepts, it provides better security for Android.

2)Desktop GUI Applications

Java is used in desktop applications to create user-friendly applications for the graphical user interface. Java also offers the ability to make GUIs using various tools, mainly the Abstract Windowing Toolkit, Swing, and JavaFX.AWT holds several built-in components such as a menu, list and buttons. To learn more about the Desktop GUI Applications join the Learn Java Online

3) Web-based Applications

Java is most popularly used in developing web applications. It provides the best support for web applications with the servlets and struts. By using servlets, one can create any kind of web-based application. This programming language provides simple coding and a high level of security to enable the creation of several applications, such as education and insurance.

4)Scientific Applications

Software developers are using java as a gift for developing scientific and mathematical problems. These apps are made to run incredibly quickly and securely. They support greater portability and require less upkeep. There are several popular applications for creating interactive user interfaces.

5)Gaming Applications

Java supports the most popular open source like 3D Engine; the engines have the best capacity for developing 3D games. Games are sometimes disrupted by latency because trash collection cycles might result in audible pauses. The more recent JVM versions will address this problem.


I hope you have gained some information about java and its applications. Knowing java and its applications is crucial to making the best use of the java programming language. To learn more about this simple programming language, join the course Java Course in Bangalore.


By geetha