Top Functions of Human Resource Management

In today’s world, human resources are an essential part of daily life. On the one hand, human resources have an impact on the organization and allow the business to grow faster. 

When someone joins an organization, they are armed with a standard educational degree. Markets and organizations evolve, giving way to new trends and practices. Here, we will discuss the role of human resource management in an organization.

What is HRM?

HRM is essential in any organization. It is concerned with people management in an organization. It entails efficiently recruiting qualified candidates for the right job at the right time. This management aids in the effective achievement of business goals and objectives. 

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What is HR?

Human resources (HR) is a company’s department in charge of finding, screening, recruiting, and training job candidates. It is also in charge of employee benefit plans.

Human resources are critical in assisting businesses in dealing with a rapidly changing business environment and an increase in the demand for quality employees.

Top Functions of Human Resource Management:

  • Managerial Functions
  • Operative Functions

Managerial Functions:

Human resource management is required at all organizational levels. Top management is in charge of planning and directing the successful implementation of such schemes. 


Planning is the basic function of management. The management must be aware of the organization’s vacancies or workforce needs. They are expected to develop a strategy to meet future demands.


The goal of human resources is to bring together the organization’s available human resources and physical resources; the manager establishes a framework for operational tasks. 

Human resource managers should know that organizing is a process of creating and organizing everything to avoid confusion and conflict.


Directing is a formal method of communicating to others what you expect from them or from an organization. An HR manager can only be considered fully qualified if they can direct. 

When the HR manager has the necessary guidance capabilities, the manager instructs the team and provides appropriate guidance to meet the organizational goal.


Human resource managers must understand how employees should and should not be treated. Simultaneously, he establishes the standard for management performance and then analyses the results using such criteria through performance evaluation and job analysis.

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Operative Functions:

Operative functions are those carried out at the departmental or middle level and are primarily concerned with executing plans and strategies developed at the managerial level.


The primary function of the HR team is to keep staffing levels stable: to ensure that the organization has the right people in the right jobs at the right time. It is a continuous task that evolves as an organization grows.

It entails HR personnel understanding the various roles within an organization, as well as the qualifications required to complete specific parts and a general idea of who is best suited to these roles.

Training and Development:

An important function of HR is to provide proper training to managers in order to develop the necessary skills and talents within employees and to ensure the proper development of the selected candidates. 

HR’s role is to ensure that new employees gain company-specific knowledge and skills so that they can perform their duties effectively.

Providing Compensation Benefits:

This HRM characteristic could have a wide range of applications. Employees must be assisted by HR management teams in setting realistic, time-bound goals for their advancement within the organization.


Now you would have understood the Top Functions of Human Resource Management. So, to have a better understanding of human resource management, you can join HR Classes in Chennai and equip yourself with its benefits and concepts.