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Let us now discuss the Best IELTS preparation books. It’s challenging to pick the greatest IELTS preparation books because what works for one individual may work better for another. Join IELTS Coaching in Chennai; this will help you prepare wisely, efficiently, and concentratedly for the IELTS. 

The Official Cambridge Guide 

Official practice examinations are also available from Cambridge English. This IELTS book also includes valuable chapters with activities and preparation ideas. If you only buy one book for IELTS preparation, this is most certainly the one to get. However, there is one defect. While this is the finest IELTS Academic practice book, it may not be the best IELTS General Training practice book.

Barron’s IELTS Superpack

It is technically three books in one: Barron’s IELTS, Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams, and Barron’s IELTS Essential Words. These three IELTS preparation books are available as a boxed set. The IELTS Practice Exams book includes six additional IELTS Academic tests and six GT assessments.

IELTS Academic Module, Band 7

Target Band 7 for IELTS Academic is a lesser-known IELTS preparation book, but it’s still excellent! This book focuses on exam strategies and contains several helpful hints. The “Writing” portion is the most robust, with excellent strategies, sample questions, and sample responses. To learn more about the IELTS Academic Module, join the IELTS Online Classes at FITA Academy to improve your knowledge.

Volumes 1 and 2 Of The Official IELTS Practice Materials

Taking many full-length practice tests before your test date is critical. The most significant advantage will come from practising with genuine IELTS material. Official IELTS Practice Materials vol. 1 and vol. 2 are well worth the money. Each volume contains an Academic test, a GT 1, and model responses for the Writing problems at various band score levels. Volume 2 includes a DVD containing beneficial videos of people taking the Speaking exam. 

IELTS 15 (General Training And Academic)

IELTS 15 is possibly the best IELTS preparation book. (Alternatively, practice books.) All too frequently, IELTS preparation materials must cover both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic adequately. This is not the case with IELTS 15, a pair of approved Cambridge IELTS prep books. The Academic and General Training editions of IELTS 15 are equally beneficial; each book includes four practice tests, audio transcripts, and an answer guide with exemplar essays and scorer discussion.


IELTS Trainer is an excellent resource for even more official IELTS full-length practice examinations. This book has six practice tests, but it does much more. The first two exams in the book’s “Training and Exam Practice” section provide several notes and advice on how to answer the questions best. In addition, the test questions in the first two tests are carefully handpicked to help you focus on distinct vital skills. After you’ve received that guidance and preparation, the last four examinations in the books are genuine, full-length practice tests.

The above blog will help you understand the Best IELTS Preparation Books. Understanding the exam format for each component and the candidate requirements is critical for successful IELTS preparation. Join IELTS Coaching in Bangalore to increase your language skills and chances of landing a job in another country by raising your knowledge in the IELTS books.

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