Signages are basically the signs that are used to advertise, identify and deliver the brand of businesses to its clients. It is the best way to make our brands visible to the customers. There are many signages available in the market. Small businesses use it for their growth by getting larger results with a small investment. There are four types of wayfinding signs available. They are used for identification, informational, regulatory, and directional. The sign boards Chennai as a standalone sign serve a specific role. Let us dive into different types of signage boards. 

A-frame signs:

They are the most simple signs. It is just printed paper or a flex mounted on a V-shaped frame. These are the signboards that come at a lesser price and are appropriate for small outlet stores. These are effective in areas where there is less crowd. It will be of small size and will be blocked in high density traffic areas.  


Banners play an effective role both indoors and outdoors. These are versatile advertisement options for small business owners. It doesn’t need any technicality to produce and can be made almost everywhere. It is inexpensive and people tend to use it whenever there is a need in the business. The banner can be created with a sufficient-sized printer. They have highly customizable options with a multitude of fonts and graphic designs. It is not used as a solution for long-term business purposes.  

LED sign boards:

Metal letters Chennai are the best solution for small business owners. They have a backlit panel that is illuminated with the help of LEDs. The outside panel is covered with various designs and with vinyl colors. It creates the luminescent effect due to the LEDs which are the best signage boards in the industry. As they are expensive than the other options and are durable and even withstand for longer years. They have a highly attractive look and stand out in any scenario. The mounting can be done on poles, in front of the shops, and like larger banner boards. 

The customer can easily locate the store with the help of signage boards. The LED sign boards in Chennai have several years of experienced staff and dedicated logistics support that makes them the leading manufacturers in the industry. Thus the signages attract the customers into the store with skilled staff and at affordable prices.