What are Selenium WebDriver Commands and its various types?

Selenium WebDriver Commands are the methods used to run Selenium test automation scripts. The Selenium Webdriver commands offer a variety of ways to interact with the Webdriver and perform various tasks. These methods are accessed by using a driver variable and calling “driver.methodName()”. Join FITA Academy‘s Selenium Training Institute In Chennai. It provides advanced certification training as well as 100% job placement assistance. This blog post will provide an overview of the most important Selenium WebDriver Commands for test automation. To help you understand the most commonly used Selenium Webdriver commands and their syntax, let’s go over them.

Types of Selenium WebDriver Commands 

The Selenium WebDriver commands are as follows:

  • Commands for the Browser
  • Commands for Navigation
  • Commands for Web Element
  • Action Commands
  • Result Commands

1. Commands for Browser

Browser commands are those that can be used to perform operations on the browser itself, such as opening, closing, retrieving a page source, and so on.


This command launches a new browser and navigates to the URL. The command takes a single string type parameter, which is frequently the URL of the application under test. Users of the Selenium IDE may notice that the command is similar to the IDE open command.




This command gets the title of the webpage the user is currently working on. If the webpage lacks a title, a null string is returned. This command does not require any parameters and returns a trimmed string value.




This command returns the URL of the current webpage that the user is viewing. This command does not require any parameters and returns a string value.

2. Commands for Navigation

Testers can move around the website by using navigation commands. For example, open a web page URL, navigate to another web page by clicking any element, and then Back, Forward, or Refresh the web page using the browser’s history.


This method is used to open a new browser window and load a new web page. Although the parameter string is recognised, it returns void.



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This method launches a new browser window containing a new web page. It takes a String parameter and returns a void value.



3. Commands for Web Element

WebElement is an HTML element that allows users to run automation tests with ease. Selenium Webdriver employs WebElements to facilitate well-organized web page interactions such as identifying elements, retrieving attribute properties, asserting text in WebElements, and more. To interact with hidden elements in a web page, however, you must first unhide the hidden elements and then locate the element within the web page.


If the element is a text entry, its value is cleared, and no parameters are passed to this procedure.




You can use this command to interact with web elements like text, links, and radio buttons, among others.


WebElementelement=driver.findElement(By.linkText(“Point 1”));element.click();

4. Action Commands

The Actions class has a number of methods that, unless otherwise specified, return an action object. The methods of the actions class can be divided into two categories:

  • Mouse Based Actions
  • Keyboard Based Actions

Mouse Based Actions


The method is used to make a click at the current mouse position. This method is oblivious to what or where it is clicking. It only makes one click on the current location. It accepts no parameters and returns a self-reference.



Keyboard Based Actions


Use this method to test the action of pressing and holding a key. Shift, Ctrl, and Alt are the available keys. It accepts one of three parameters as input: Keys.SHIFT, Keys.CONTROL, or Keys.ALT. If the passed key is not one of those, Selenium will throw an IllegalArgumentException.




This blog discussed a variety of Selenium WebDriver Commands that testers frequently and excessively use. To learn more about Selenium, Join the Selenium Training In Coimbatore which offers the best certification training with knowledgeable instructors. 

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By Sumathi