Selenium becomes popular in testing web based application. It allows the testers to write a test-domain language in different languages like C, C#, Groovy, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Scala. There are many myths that most of them didn’t know about the Selenium Testing tool.

Truth 1

Scriptless group with fundamental automation tools like QTP, Functional Tester, Selenium. Despite the fact that, the scriptless approach guarantees manual testers and SMEs can automate the test cases, scriptless automation goes behind the automation test cases. A testing group needs automation testing specialists to fabricate, keep up, and upgrade robotization system, innovation resources, protest administration, and substantially more.

Truth 2

Scriptless is a way to deal with making test automation without increasing the cost, technology, tools, and framework. It guarantees the effect of progress is very much overseen without bargaining on quality and go to market time.

The reality of the matter is that scriptless makes automating test cases. It is a layer dwelling on top of any test automation tool. This layer houses all the code resources that are prepared to be utilized and are re-usable. They are not scripts for test cases but rather scripts at a granular level that can be scaled crosswise over technology and applications.

In this way, going scriptless is about getting these code resources set up that can be sequenced in more than one approaches to manufacturing an automated case for any application based on any technology framework and that can be tried by any test automation tool. Scriptless should cultivate versatility and adaptability.

Truth 3

Going scriptless is about building an open design to regulate the framework enabling versatility and adaptability to changes in technologies, tools, and processes etc.,

Truth 4

Even however with scriptless automation manual testers would now be able to rapidly automate the test cases. As I specified above in my first point, scriptless automation goes behind just automating the test cases. A testing group ought to compromise around 20% of test automation specialists

Besides this, there is numerous truth behind the Selenium testing tool. Gain knowledge in Selenium with the help of best Selenium Training in Chennai. Most of the IT training institute offers Selenium Course in Chennai with the effect of experienced trainers.


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