GRE Verbal is the crucial part of GRE Exam Syllabus. Verbal Syllabus has Reading Comprehension, Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion. To crack GRE Verbal One should has Strong Vocabulary skills.

In Reading Comprehension, You should go through the Passage and answer the following Questions related to the Given Passage. One thing I can suggest you is, Read the Questions Prior to the Passage. This helps you to identify the Answers soon and Saves your time.

In Text Completion Section, You will be provided with certain lines of Text with some information missing. Text Completion helps you to Understand the Context effectively and fill up the missing text.

In sentence Completion,  you will be given  a sentence with a single blank and 6 Choices. You should select 2 choices among 6 in such a way that those 2 choices fit the sentence with similar meaning. The two choices that you select out of the six choices given should complete the sentence in such a way that the meaning of the sentence remains the same or similar with the two choices.

Take GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice weekly once to assure your Capabilities.

Worried about Stepping into GRE Prepartion? Find the Below Questions useful.

1)   What is Wordbot?

Wordbot is a word learning app provided by GRE edge. With the Wordbot app, you not only get up to 3500 words to learn (which by the way covers almost all words that can be featured in GRE), but the explanation of each word is also given with Mnemonics and pictures to help you remember each word. To learn more about this approach of remembering words with the help of mnemonics and pictures, try the Wordbot app here

2)   Can we get LOR from Professors and intern managers both or should it only be professors?

Most universities ask for 3 LORs. Some ask for two. It is best to plan your recommendations in a way that validates your key achievements.

This would be a wise combination.
Do note that duration of association that is 6 months or more is preferable. If you have a work experience which is more than 5 years you can have 2 manager’s write for you and 1 HOD from college. Similarly if you are a PG Holder Best to get LORs that speak of your achievements in both these institutions.

3)   I am planning to give GRE this August, if I start preparing from mid June, will it be sufficient for me to score over 320?

That’s a good question. It completely depends on students’ ability to grasp concepts and apply them. However, on an average students needs about 2-3 months of consistent preparations for 2 hours on a daily basis. If you can increase the number of hours you spend, you can give the GRE much earlier. For scoring 320+ perspectives, you definitely need to have a clear study plan provided by superb academies like GREedge with someone to guide you. This in a way will ensure you optimize your preparations & do not waste time on scouting for best materials, practice & mocks tests. One more tip, for scoring 320 a student needs to have above the mark vocabulary which is not an overnight task. You need to consistently learn new words from newspapers, magazines, word learning tool (, Wordbot tool etc). So if you’re planning to give GRE by August, start word learning today and master at least 30 words each day. This will be a perfect start for your objective of scoring 320+.


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