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Which is best? GRE or GMAT for MBA?

A high score in GMAT is always preferred over a high GRE score when it comes to admittance into business schools. However, GMAT is appropriate only for business schools and hence cannot be a replacement for GRE. GRE score can be used for business schools too.

One biggest advantage of GRE is that, there is no Integrated Reasoning section. The section merges the difficult parts of verbal and quant.

GMAT math is comparatively harder because the top B-schools require students with top-notch Quant skills. GRE Quant is easier than the GMAT Quant.

With over 1200+ business schools allowing GRE scores, many aspirants are picking GRE out of the two. Go for the GMAT only if the college doesn’t accept GRE score. Otherwise, GRE is a wiser choice, considering ease, flexibility and fallback options available.

What is the difference between research work and international publication?

There is a major difference between research work and an international publication but the two are related. Research work is the time and energy you put in to understand the working of a concept and its application in a related field. When you present the findings in an international conference, then your research paper is said to be published. Thus, in order to publish a research paper that is recognized internationally by IEEE etc, you must carry out original research in a topic of your choice.

But there are other forms of research that you can do which does not involves publishing/presenting research papers, such as joining the R & D teams of your college for various technical teams. For example, you could be actively involved with the research cell of your college ad work under experienced professors doing their PhD thesis. Or, you could create live, working models or projects based on this research. All of this is counted as research also.

However, it is always good to present your paper in an international conference as it also serves as proof to your work, carrying a unique ISBN number etc.

Sir , already I had qualified in IIIT Hyderabad for doing MS in that top most university in India under RI itself. Does they provide any chance to me to do research in abroad?

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad is indeed a premier institution of the country for Technology based programs. The institution offers a host of research based programs. Further, IIIT Hyderabad also offers the prestigious Masters of Science by Research program. The program offers specialization in Civil Engineering, Computer Linguistics among the several others. However, if you are looking for an internship/research opportunities abroad, look if IIIT Hyderabad has an MOU. Also, check if IIIT Hyderabad has any Research Exchange Program. IIIT Hyderabad does offer Research Exchange for PhD courses. So do check if your specified program offers any such opportunities.

How is job experience going to help? While applying for the universities, we won’t have 1 year experience but by the time of joining, we’ll have a 1 year job experience. How do I portray this in my SOP?

Statement of Purpose plays a crucial role in determining the status of an application. Your SOP must highlight your academic record along with your competency in extra and co-curricular activities. Ensure that you have a compelling SOP which describes your potential. And yes, having relevant work experience will also give you an edge over the others. 2-5 years of work experience in the relevant field will support the fact that you have a deeper understanding of the subject. Further, relevant work experience will also give you a hands-on experience in the domain. Also you can hone your soft-skills and inter-personal skills through work experience. Further, work experience will be a good source of Letters of Recommendations which vouch for your professional abilities. In short your work experience, Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose will add weight to your application. So ensure that you make no mistake while drafting them. And highlight the fact that you have some experience while making the application.

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