To study GRE, One can take training from Training Institutes as well as Self-Study. GRE is an Exam for the Aspirants who are willing to study Masters or MBA in renowned abroad universities. According to my Study, I would suggest that GRE Score 320 is the safer side. One should take GRE Practice Test regularly. This helps to analyze their preparation. Aspirant should be aware of their Strong and Weak part of their Preparation and Work forward to achieve the Best Score. Find the beneficial information about GRE.

What about the score 300?

Getting a 300 GRE score is a decent score. But hardly get any good university. To get into a decent university abroad, 300 is fine but to target a good university you should have a minimum score of 310. In fact, getting a score of 310 is quite easy its just that you need to make sure your basics are strong and then give attempt to GRE. To achieve 310 you should have a target of 320 so that you can get atleast 310. Upon getting 310+ score in GRE you can aim for good universities and can have a high chance of getting admit.

How to avail max scholarship?

To avail maximum scholarship you should focus on following factors and try to make them perfect:

1. Try getting a high GRE Score, this increases your chances exponentially to get good scholarships in the universities abroad.

2. Have good profile i.e. have everything which can guarantee you an admit with scholarship, like projects and work experience that you have. If this whole thing is in-line with the course you are aiming for, then it increases your chances of getting scholarship.

3. Get a good LOR, it can be from the professor under whom you have done your project as he will be knowing more about your potential then anyone else.

4. Finally, a good SOP will make sure you get what you are aiming for, as this states why you want to be there in that university and what you want to do ahead.

What about the universities in Singapore?

Singapore is one country which has numerous universities that offer a variety of courses. Some of the courses include:- Master of Engineering, MSc, Master of Information Technology among the several others. Some of the top universities in Singapore include- Nanyang Technology University, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology. Singapore has admission intake twice a year, in August and in January. General Application fee range between $15-$40. Also, Singaporean universities offer numerous scholarship opportunities.

So, look evaluates all the requirements that the universities look for and make your application accordingly.

I want to pursue direct phd after Btech. does it require higher GRE score ?

PhD is a rather competitive degree to complete for which you need to focus more on your research work than your GRE score. You can most certainly pursue phD after B.Tech, but you need to keep in mind that you need to have a stellar profile is which your research experience shines the brightest. If you have built your profile around the research that you have done, and it happens to be in line with the professor you are applying to, then a good or bad GRE score is out of the question.

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