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Ultimate communication skill and a power of the word is what you must have observed in an eye catchy personality. Your attire, presence of mind and looks could not be complimented enough if they do not gel up with the tongue you possess. Every spoken word plays a magic spin for clients if you are confident about the language you are using. Yes, the English language is regarded as one of the simplest yet tricky ones amongst all the popular language of the world. It is spoken in the majority of countries as a mother tongue and has acquired a niche of the universal language. English is recognition as a global language learn English form Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

However, some people lack in proper language training and it is not likely for them to apply in a company or an institute without obtaining a genuine confidence in English speaking. IELTS is a platform which certifies the students and the employees that they are now excellent in their English language skills. The English Labs is an institute and the online training portal meant for the English Coaching Classes in Chennai.

English Labs

It has been 5 years since when the English Labs is performing day and night to train the students and professionals for their upcoming future. Communication is the surface of all education and if you are not well trained in writing, listening, reading and speaking, then you are missing the most valuable key characteristic in you. We are offering the Spoken English Class in Chennai  training through the online portal so that a maximum number of people can enhance their English language skills and could achieve a desirable niche at a global proposal.

30,000 students have obtained a career out of the IELTS training and its successful accomplishment. Now we are looking forward to the next batch to enhance their skills and do not share their vocabulary with the word “failure”.


The two most classic and simply designed modules integrated into the English Labs curriculum for Best Spoken English Class in Chennai . There are no hectic semesters or the examinations for the practice of the language skills. There are two segments in which the entire course is divided so that you can quickly attain what is meant for the international English language test.

Level 1

Master your writing and reading skills during the beginner level of the course. English labs faculty focuses on the minute details of the language so that the candidate can answer the IELTS questions without failing in his first attempt.

Level 2

In this level, you will find speaking and fluency expertise skill training. This is an essential step because IELTS consist of an exam in which you have to answer questions in an audible form.


This is the most exclusive and the renowned system which certify candidate that he or she is now capable of speaking, writing, listening and reading in English. The examination can be undertaken in the first attempt by the applicant if it has gone through its genuine training. Enrol today for the training of IELTS in Chennai via online relevant sources.



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