To Study in Abroad is the Dream of many Young Aspirants. An Aspirant should take Revised GRE Test to pursue in Abroad. This Test is to analyze a Student’s Reasoning ability, Quantitative ability and Analytical skills.
Find the Vital queries related to Pre-GRE and Post-GRE.

1)Can we work as a RA/TA in the first 9 months of joining a university?

Unlike scholarships and fellowships or tuition fee waivers, Research and Teaching assistantships (RA and TA) aren’t offered to you during the time of applying for admits. Those two forms of financial aids are offered to students once they begin their classes. You have to get acquainted to the professors, researchers and the staff at the university of your choice. So, after you join the university and have built a rapport with the faculty, shown genuine interest in the general work or area of interest of a professor or research staff you will be considered for RA and TA. And if things work out you will end up getting one of them. So yes it does take about 9 months of time. If you are earnest enough and if you really want that financial aid you can very well get it within 9 months of joining the university.

2)So what kind of On-Campus jobs do universities offer?

There are plethoras of on-campus jobs that are up for grabs for fresher students. If you are good at accounting and keeping records you have the opportunity to keep track of the cash flow at any of the student owned shops on campus. You could work in a cafeteria if you are hospitable enough! There are IT openings at Libraries too, so if you are good with computers and database management then you’re in luck. Graduate Assistant is an administrative job that requires you to keep the entire campus spick and span! Similarly there are plenty of other choices to pick from.

3)Do we have to apply for fellowship before hand or its when we get to college?

During the time of application, most of the universities ask you to fill a sheet in which the list of scholarship opportunities is clearly specified and you would have to state for which opportunities you want to be considered. This is a way of intimating the admissions committee early on that if at all an opportunity is available you would want to be considered for it. So in a way you will be applying for it even before going to the university through your application. You can also go to the university and apply for fellowship. Your GPA that you get in each semester is considered for the fellowship opportunity which you will be applying.

4)Is Writing GRE in 2017 April useful when I want to take admissions in good universities in 2020 with 3 years of work experience?

Lot of students tends to take this option. Since GRE is valid for 5 years it is ideal to take GRE first and then go for job if they have plans to gain work experience. What this does is that it gives you enough time to retake GRE if you are not satisfied with your first attempt and it also allows you to give full focus on your job since you got GRE out of the way. This reduces the burden that you will be experiencing if you have to study and work at the same time. Make sure that you complete the application process before the validity of GRE gets over.

5)Can a student avail 2 types of scholarships such as tuition waiver and research assistantships?

Yes. A single student can apply for 2 scholarships but keep in mind that you cannot apply for multiple scholarships with the same scholarship provider. For example, a person can apply for tuition fee waiver and research assistantship since assistantship is given from the funding that is available for the research work that is going on in a specific department. Whereas tuition fee waiver is just a percentage deduction in your tuition fee.

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